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Fakroun is a drawing and sculpture project. It is a tribute to the oldest among us, my friend the turtle, who lives at risk, like me, and who can teach us a lot of his art against speed and stress for today’s time …

This is more than words to cheer, it’s a way to decide before the risk become a danger. Helping the future to be happy!

Episode 1 is called Fakroun, a Tunisian word used also in Mauritania that express the ‘who is great thinker’ and used to mean Tortoise. Could you be faster then Fakroun in life!? I met them many times during my travels, He is symbol of Art! He (he is a human by the way) is a great thinker!

Visit m-fakroun exhibition at
Bir Lahjar Gallery
From 12 march to 08 april 2022
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