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The common existence project is an artistic expression standing against religious hate speech, violence and terrorism   

The project visited Tozeur, an inspiring society in the southern desert of Tunisia. The project installed an atelier on site and tried to connect with the local society to create a connection and inspiration in both directions... The project activities took form of artistic workshops and exhibitions. A Graffiti workshop destined to primary school students as well as an exhibition of a collection of my artworks were in the main program of the project activities.

The exhibition named "Snapshots" took place in the Aboul Kacem Centre in Tozeur from 15 may to 15 june 2023. Twenty-eight 28 artworks made of calligraphy, wood carving and dialogue between cultures were exhibited for the public. The exhibition received visitors from all different backgrounds, ages, and genders . My aim through the exhibition was to inspire and to seek for inspiration, to share ideas about the role of art, and culture in solving social issues, and especially about the problem of hate speech. I was trying to initiate the dialogue and a process of conceiving solutions in a participatory mode with members of the local society from all background...Difference is Wealth

About Snapshots Exhibition in Tozeur (talk with visitors and journlists in arabic )
About the Common Existence project  (interview on Radio Tunis Inter in english )
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